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    Category: Trends in Turkey

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    What is it Like to Own a House in Bodrum

    What is It Like to Own a House in Bodrum?

    Owning a house in Bodrum has crossed the mind of everyone who is tired of the noise of the city for once. Bodrum is a location where everyone would like to be, with its white houses, sea view, and fresh air. The city, which is highly active in the summer months, attracts the attention of investors with its recent developments. Thus, the demand for Bodrum houses for sale is increasing.

    How to Get a Potential Tax Identity Number for Non-citizens in Turkey

    How to Get a Potential Tax Identity Number for Non-citizens in Turkey

    Get your potential tax identity number for non-citizens in Turkey and start your business as a foreigner. It is significant for non-citizens to know how to get their tax numbers in Turkey. There are 2 ways for this. The first is to go to the tax office in Turkey, and the second is to apply online. Within the scope of COVID-19 measures, you must obtain electronically your potential tax number. However, if you have any problems, you might need to go to the tax offices in person. People who engaged in an income-generating activity in Turkey are subject to taxation. This includes non-citizens who are in Turkey and earn income on their own behalf.

    villas for sale in Istanbul

    Villas for Sale in Istanbul Turkey | Advantages and Popular Regions

    Villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey offer the opportunity to live beyond the dreams while providing lifetime earnings with high return investment opportunities. Istanbul real estate sector is valued with villa housing projects built in the city center or away from the crowds of the city. Unique opportunities are offered to home buyers with a detached house option suitable for every budget and living standard. Buying a villa with a sea or forest view in Turkey is no longer a dream with villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey! If you want to take advantage of luxury living at affordable prices, contact Sale Property Turkey.


    MIDWOOD Provides $200 Million Annual Foreign Exchange Input

    Midwood Istanbul Film Studio Complex, which has the distinction of being one of the biggest film sets in Turkey and Europe, will be in Istanbul Buyukcekmece. The project, which has an investment value of 200 million dollars, will also provide employment for 15 thousand people. The countdown has begun for MIDWOOD Istanbul Film Studio Complex, one of the biggest film studios in Turkey and Europe. The project will gather the playmakers of the film industry in the national and international arena under one roof. Preparations for the film set continue at full speed. Firstly, MIDWOOD will host world-famous projects. Secondly, it will be able to provide filming services to 10 film productions at the same time.

    Tesla Car Models and Superchargers are Coming to Turkey in 2022

    Tesla Car Models and Superchargers are Coming to Turkey in 2022!

    Tesla car models and superchargers are coming to Turkey in 2022! The company will install fast-charging stations in 10 different cities of Turkey. In 2022, 4 models will be also offered for sale. Furthermore, Tesla plans to continue its activities in Turkey by completing its entire structuring and establishing the entire service network such as service, maintenance and roadside assistance. As in the rest of the world, the potential for electric vehicles is increasing in Turkey too. Following the impact of the widespread use of charging station points, the Turkish electric vehicle market increased by 237 percent in 2021.

    Istanbul Financial Center The New Gate of Global Business


    Istanbul Finance Center gathers international firms with the capital markets and financial services sectors. Global financial centers are the city regions where institutions with the international competence and capacity necessary to ensure the flow of goods, services, information and capital between the national economies of the countries in which they are located and the other economies of the world are gathered. Besides, global financial centers are very important as they are the source of high-volume financial transactions and innovations. States strive for a region in their own country to become a global financial center. Thus, they try to reach the economic benefits of coming to the fore globally.

    Dudullu-Bostanci Metro Line Starts Operations

    Dudullu-Bostanci Metro Line Starts Operations in 2022

    Dudullu-Bostanci metro line starts operations in 2022. During the 2020 – 2021 period, IMM restarted the works by using the municipality’s resources. IMM spokesman Murat Ongun finally gave the good news to the people of Istanbul. He said that “When we took over the municipality duty, we continued the works for the line. Before us, 50% of it was completed but the construction was stopped. Trial drives have started again. We are completing under-construction metro lines one by one.” Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started the construction of the Dudullu-Bostanci metro line with 13 stations.


    NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul Mall!

    NASA Space Adventure Exhibition will be held in Metropol Istanbul Mall between the dates of December 8-30! Get your tickets now for the NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reflects more than 50 years of space studies and experiences. The business partners of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOBILE SPACE EXHIBITION are YapiKredi, ITU Eta Foundation, Doga College, Roketsan, Space Systems T&T Lab, CarrefourSA, Digiturk, Minika, Asymmetric.

    Turkish Delivery Company Getir Enters the US Market!

    Turkish Delivery Company Getir Enters the US Market

    Turkish delivery company Getir enters the US market! Turkey-based original business model ’10-minute grocery delivery’ already provides services in 7 European countries. Nazim Salur, the Founder of Getir, has made important statements about the new branch in Chicago city which is the third-most populous city in the USA. Speaking at the press conference held for Turkish delivery company Getir entrance the US market, Getir Founder Nazim Salur talked about their plan to launch in the cities of New York and Boston following Chicago.