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    Category: Technology

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    Smart Home Systems That Make Our Lives Easier

    Smart Home Systems That Make Our Lives Easier

    Today, technology that enters our pockets also envelops our living spaces. Smartphones, cars, watches, houses… So what are all these “smart” technologies? It can be defined as “products with an intelligent interaction network capable of external communication such as reasoning, perception, deduction, and evaluation.”

    Tesla Car Models and Superchargers are Coming to Turkey in 2022

    Tesla Car Models and Superchargers are Coming to Turkey in 2022!

    Tesla car models and superchargers are coming to Turkey in 2022! The company will install fast-charging stations in 10 different cities of Turkey. In 2022, 4 models will be also offered for sale. Furthermore, Tesla plans to continue its activities in Turkey by completing its entire structuring and establishing the entire service network such as service, maintenance and roadside assistance. As in the rest of the world, the potential for electric vehicles is increasing in Turkey too. Following the impact of the widespread use of charging station points, the Turkish electric vehicle market increased by 237 percent in 2021.

    Best Apps for Expats in Istanbul

    Best Apps for Expats in Istanbul

    Expats in Istanbul benefit from the best apps. The word expat comes from the Latin word expatriate. Generally, people who are sent to other countries by the company they work for are called expats. On the other hand, today, the word expat covers everyone who goes abroad. If you decide to live in Istanbul as an expat, the apps will help you a lot. There are many applications to connect with your environment and make your life easier. While ordering your food through an app, you can also pay your bills or even make friends with Turkish dating apps. Apps also help you get used to Turkey. For example, you can get cultural familiarity by visiting museums online.

    Karaman-Konya High-Speed Train Put into Operation

    Karaman-Konya High-Speed Train Put into Operation!

    Karaman-Konya high-speed train was put into operation last Saturday with the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkish President Erdogan paid a visit to Karaman on January 8, 2022, to attend the collective opening ceremony of the completed projects including the Karaman-Konya High-Speed ​​Train Line. President Erdogan delivered a speech addressing the citizens who came to Konya High-Speed ​​Train Meram Station to welcome him. He also made important statements during his speech. There are 21 vehicle underpasses, 20 vehicle overpasses and 15 pedestrian underpasses within the scope of the train project.

    Swiss Solar to Establish a Factory in Turkey

    Swiss Solar AG to Establish a 1.5 GW Panel Factory in Turkey

    Swiss Solar AG, a Switzerland-based solar panel manufacturer, has made the announcement to establish a panel factory in Turkey. According to the statement of the company, the facility will initially consist of three separate production lines, each with an annual production capacity of 500 MW. In these production lines, bifacial solar panels with 450 Wp, 500 Wp and 545 Wp power capacity will be produced. The company aims to reach 5 GW of capacity with 10 lines by 2027. Swiss Solar AG aims to increase its production line and panel powers gradually and to have an annual production capacity of 5 GW at its facility in Turkey in 2027.

    Turkey's first car battery factory in Gemlik, Bursa

    Turkey’s first car battery factory by TOGG – Farasis in Gemlik, Bursa

    Siro, in partnership with TOGG and Farasis, will produce battery cells and modules in the factory to be established by benefiting from project-based government support. Established with the partnership of Turkey’s Car Joint Venture Group Inc. (TOGG) and Chinese energy giant Farasis, Siro company’s battery cell and module production facility, which will be in Bursa’s Gemlik district will provide employment for approximately 2,200 people. Turkey has taken an important step in the production of car batteries.


    NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in Metropol Istanbul Mall!

    NASA Space Adventure Exhibition will be held in Metropol Istanbul Mall between the dates of December 8-30! Get your tickets now for the NASA Space Adventure Exhibition in which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reflects more than 50 years of space studies and experiences. The business partners of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOBILE SPACE EXHIBITION are YapiKredi, ITU Eta Foundation, Doga College, Roketsan, Space Systems T&T Lab, CarrefourSA, Digiturk, Minika, Asymmetric.



    Apple has officially announced its new store to be opened in Istanbul, Turkey. It is said to be the biggest retail Apple Store in Europe and the Middle East! Moreover, it will be located on Bagdat Street in Kadikoy, one of the most popular districts in Istanbul. New Apple store, which will be located on Bagdat Street, will have the distinction of being the biggest Apple Store in Europe and the Middle East.

    invests in Turkey Ceyhan

    No one who relies on our country and invests in Turkey will regret it!

    Invests in Turkey were the main subject of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who made a groundbreaking speech at the ceremony of the projects completed in Adana and the Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant. Turkish President Erdogan said, “No one who relies on Turkey and invests in Turkey will regret it! On the contrary, investors will always be glad about the great profit they will get. I would like to say once again that we welcome every investor.”