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Category: Economy

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Industrial Production Index Increase in August in 2021

Industrial Production Index Increase in August 2021

Industrial production index is an indicator that provides the status of the sector and the comparative monitoring of the increase or decrease in production activities over the years. The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) monthly announces this index. It covers the mining and quarrying, manufacturing, and electricity, gas, steam, air conditioning production and distribution activities. When we check the previous month’s data of sub-sectors of the industry, in August 2021; the mining and quarrying sector index decreased by 1.7%.

invests in Turkey Ceyhan

No one who relies on our country and invests in Turkey will regret it!

Invests in Turkey were the main subject of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who made a groundbreaking speech at the ceremony of the projects completed in Adana and the Ceyhan Polypropylene Production Plant. Turkish President Erdogan said, “No one who relies on Turkey and invests in Turkey will regret it! On the contrary, investors will always be glad about the great profit they will get. I would like to say once again that we welcome every investor.”

12th Transport and Communication Forum Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum: Highlights from Turkish President Erdogan’s Speech

12th Transport and Communication Forum was held at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul European Side. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also made a speech. He reaffirmed the trust of the public by highlighting important points related to Turkey’s agenda. At first, Erdogan, of course, made a few statements about the aviation sector in Turkey. He said that “Ataturk Airport continues to host national and international events and competitions.”

1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway Project Almost Ready!

1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway Project Almost Ready!

1915Canakkale Bridge whose construction was started in 2017 is almost ready! The construction of the bridge that will link Asia and Europe over the Canakkale Strait continues at full speed. The project will be ready on March 18, 2022. Among the investors of the project are important companies such as DL E&C, Limak Group of Companies, SK Engineering & Construction Company, and Yapi Merkezi. 1915Canakkale Bridge will provide several advantages.

ITI Container Train Will Start Operation

ITI Container Train of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan Starts Operation

ITI Container Train alias Istanbul–Tehran–Islamabad Railway will start operation in the coming period.  ITI Train which is a project of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) will strengthen the commercial and regional cooperation of Turkey. Ahmet Cengiz Ozdemir, Chairman of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey-Pakistan Business Council, made statements about the importance of the line. He pointed out that “ITI Train will strengthen triangular trade and make traveling easier.”


How to Set up Business in Turkey? Company Formations in Turkey

In this article, you will get find information on how to set up business in Turkey, for foreign capital owners who want to move their business or get into an overseas business partnership, and the process. Cooperation with foreign companies is important in order to adapt to the changing international competition along with globalization rapidly. For foreigners, it is free to set up companies or business partnerships in different fields in Turkey.


Turkish Exports Exceeding 200 Billion Dollars in 2021!

Annual export reached 200 billion dollars in Turkey for the first time. Besides, the 2022 export target of 198 billion dollars was already achieved in 2021! There was an increase of 34.5% in exports to neighboring countries in January-August 2021. According to the statement of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the highest August figures of all time were recorded in exports to Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Georgia and Greece…


Canal Istanbul for Bosphorus Strait Traffic and Safety!

The Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoglu has made statements about the world maritime trade and the Canal Istanbul project at the Turkey Maritime Summit. 80% of world trade is provided by marine transportation. The amount of cargo transported by sea in the world is 12 billion tons…