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    Category: Business News

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    Housing Sales Statistics-March 2022

    Housing Sales Statistics | March 2022

    Turkish Statistical Institute recently revealed the rates of housing sales statistics of March. According to the statistics, housing sales increased 20.6% in March when compared to the same month last year. The sales went up to 137 thousand 170 and Istanbul had the highest share with 17.9% as 23 thousand 974 house sales. Ankara and Izmir followed Istanbul on the sale rates. Ankara had 12 thousand 609 housing sales and Izmir followed the list with 8 thousand 51 house sales.

    New Decisions on VAT Exemption

    New Decisions on Vat Exemption

    In the previous months, significant informations and rates were revealed about the housing sales. Now there are new decisions on the VAT exemption, related with foreigners being able to sell houses and workplaces. According to the rates revealed in February by the Turkish Statistical Institute, housing sales to foreigners increased about 54.95% and became 4 thousand 591 when compared to last year’s same month. Now, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey and its committee on planning and budget made changes related to foreigners and their sales of housing and workplace.

    The Changes in Housing VAT Rates

    The Changes in Housing VAT Rates

    The VAT rates for housing had some important changes. But how will these changes affect the housing sector and what are the differences? The answers are as below, but first, let’s remember the applied rates in order to make a comparison.
    The residences which have 150 m² net usage area used to have an 18% VAT rate and for the ones below 150m², the rate was 1%. Now with the changes; for houses that are above 150 m², there will be a tax reduction. For the ones below 150 m², there will be partial discounts and also partial raises.

    Flights from the UAE to Turkey Flydubai Starts Flying to Sabiha Gokcen

    Flights from the UAE to Turkey | Flydubai Starts Flying to Sabiha Gokcen

    Flights from the UAE to Turkey have increased following the important agreements between Turkey and the UAE. The airline company Flydubai has decided to resume flights from the UAE to Turkey. So, Istanbul destinations of Fly Dubai will be Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Istanbul Grand Airport. Flydubai, the airline company of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced that it will resume Sabiha Gokcen Airport flights as of March 2, 2022. According to the announcement on the website of the company, ticket reservations for Sabiha Gokcen Airport will be started again. The company will also operate with five flights a week from Dubai International (DXB) to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) line.

    How to Get a Potential Tax Identity Number for Non-citizens in Turkey

    How to Get a Potential Tax Identity Number for Non-citizens in Turkey

    Get your potential tax identity number for non-citizens in Turkey and start your business as a foreigner. It is significant for non-citizens to know how to get their tax numbers in Turkey. There are 2 ways for this. The first is to go to the tax office in Turkey, and the second is to apply online. Within the scope of COVID-19 measures, you must obtain electronically your potential tax number. However, if you have any problems, you might need to go to the tax offices in person. People who engaged in an income-generating activity in Turkey are subject to taxation. This includes non-citizens who are in Turkey and earn income on their own behalf.



    Export from Turkey to Libya increased by 64.9% in 2021 compared to the previous year and reached the figure of 2 billion 443 million dollars. This figure has been the second-highest export figure to Libya. According to the research conducted by the DEIK Turkey-Libya Business Council from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) figures, Libya had a share of 1.06% of Turkey’s total exports because of this figure. Exports in December, on the other hand, reached 238.9 million dollars with an increase of 75% compared to the same period of 2020.


    MIDWOOD Provides $200 Million Annual Foreign Exchange Input

    Midwood Istanbul Film Studio Complex, which has the distinction of being one of the biggest film sets in Turkey and Europe, will be in Istanbul Buyukcekmece. The project, which has an investment value of 200 million dollars, will also provide employment for 15 thousand people. The countdown has begun for MIDWOOD Istanbul Film Studio Complex, one of the biggest film studios in Turkey and Europe. The project will gather the playmakers of the film industry in the national and international arena under one roof. Preparations for the film set continue at full speed. Firstly, MIDWOOD will host world-famous projects. Secondly, it will be able to provide filming services to 10 film productions at the same time.

    Istanbul Financial Center The New Gate of Global Business


    Istanbul Finance Center gathers international firms with the capital markets and financial services sectors. Global financial centers are the city regions where institutions with the international competence and capacity necessary to ensure the flow of goods, services, information and capital between the national economies of the countries in which they are located and the other economies of the world are gathered. Besides, global financial centers are very important as they are the source of high-volume financial transactions and innovations. States strive for a region in their own country to become a global financial center. Thus, they try to reach the economic benefits of coming to the fore globally.

    The First Islamabad-Istanbul Freight Train Reaches Ankara in Turkey

    The First Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul Freight Train Reaches Ankara

    The first Islamabad-Istanbul freight train departing from Islamabad reached Ankara within the scope of the ITI Freight Train Project between Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu attended the welcoming ceremony for the Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) freight train. Representatives from Iran and Pakistan also attended the ceremony at the Historic Ankara Train Station. After highlighting that Turkey broke a record with exports of 225 billion dollars in 2021, the minister also said that Turkey’s share in the world trade volume surpassed 1 percent for the first time in the history of the Turkish Republic.

    15 Agreements between Turkey and Qatar

    15 Agreements between Turkey and Qatar

    President Erdogan continued his contacts in Doha where he came to attend the Seventh Meeting of the Supreme Strategic Committee between Turkey and Qatar. President Erdogan paid an official visit to Qatar with a big delegation. 15 agreements between Turkey and Qatar were signed with the participation of two leaders. Before the signs of the agreements, President Erdogan and Al Sani held a tête-à-tête meeting that lasted 2 hours. President Erdogan later visited the Qatari-Turkish Combined Joint Force Command and made statements there.