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Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship 2021-2022: How to Apply?

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Ways to get Turkish Citizenship are very fast and easy. Foreign investors who apply to get Turkish Citizenship in 2021-2022 still acquire it quickly and easily online. Knowing some shortcuts to get Turkish Citizenship allows you to obtain citizenship safely without wasting time.

Turkish citizenship by investment is also possible. The simplest way is to buy a property. Furthermore, both you and your family will be able to obtain Turkish Citizenship after paying a minimum of 250,000 USD. It is both a simple method with a high investment value. If you have question marks in your mind, you can find all the answers here. There are a few simple steps you need to take to get privileged rights. How to get Turkish citizenship by investment? Follow and make your dreams come true in the fastest way possible!

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The 3 Most Practical Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship


If you want to invest to get Turkish citizenship, you can prefer these 3 options:


1. Acquiring a Property: 250,000 USD
2. Capital Investment: 500,000 USD
3. Establishing a Business: There might be several expenses.


• Acquiring Property:

You buy a property in order to get Turkish citizenship and passport. Your family can get it in exchange for a property that you will purchase for a minimum of $250,000. The only condition is not to sell the property for the next 3 years. Buy a property that you think will make the most financial gain. If you will, you are able to rent or live in it. Yet, you are not obliged to reside in Turkey. There is no precondition for the real estate you will purchase. Turkish Lira quickly adds value to housing investment along with the global economy and developments. So, buying property in Turkey is rewarding to make a profit. Your property gains twice the value in about 5-10 years.


• Capital Investment:

You will have many other alternatives if you choose one of the to get Turkish citizenship ways by capital investment in Turkey. Several options are offered for capital investment. The fee you have to spend is determined as $500,000. You can deposit this fee to one of the Turkish banks. Also, you can buy government bonds of the same value. Or, you can buy venture capital mutual fund shares.


• Establishing a Business and Providing Employment in Turkey:

If you plan to start a business in Turkey, you can prefer to establish a company. But you have to employ at least 50 people. You also get support for payrolls, consulting fees, start-up expenses, and legal responsibilities. If you already have a business or are determined to run a long-term business, you can also consider it.


The Easiest and Fastest Program Turkish Citizenship: Real Estate Investment


How can I get Turkish citizenship? The most researched and preferred method to get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment. Buy only one property and get Turkish Citizenship for your whole family.

Besides, the best option for an international investor is to invest in real estate.
Why would you complicate it by choosing the capital investment option to acquire citizenship? You can obtain citizenship only for a minimum of 250,000 USD. Rent and then watch your investment grow superiorly. You can sell it after 3 years. So, you are a Turkish citizen now…

We have explained in detail the requirements for Turkish Citizenship in the article “How to Get Turkish Citizenship”. We guarantee that we will accelerate your process thanks to our free consultancy services.


Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment


Among the ways to get Turkish Citizenship, real estate investment which stands out with its investment value and functionality, offers numerous advantages.
Real estate investment is an advantageous instrument in every sense. Here are the most important advantages of real estate investment;


• Your children (under the age of 18) and your spouse acquire Turkish citizenship.

• Turkish passport is powerful. You will have the opportunity to travel to more than 110 countries without a visa.

• No need to show your assets to other countries. You just need to buy property.

• You do not have to reside in Turkey. There is only a requirement, which is not selling the property for the next 3 years. Within this process, you can rent the property and quickly regain the amount you have invested. Property values are increasing very rapidly in Turkey.

• Besides, 26 EU countries will be added to the list of countries that can be traveled without a visa following the agreements within the scope of developing relations between Turkey and the EU.

• The fastest-developing investment instrument in Turkey is real estate. Citizenship by purchasing a property enables you to get a Turkish passport.


Real Estate Investment with Which Property Types?


Let’s suppose that you have searched for Turkish Citizenship by investment and decided to invest in real estate. After that, you may need more information about real estate options you can buy in Turkey. You will buy a property only worth 250,000 USD in Turkey.

However, is there a condition that the property needs to have?

There is not. You can buy a flat, land, shop or office. Our expert consultants will provide you the most profitable investment options worth 250,000 USD in Turkey. You can get not only citizenship but also a property that always gains value.

The options included in the rapidly increasing number of branded housing projects are of great value. You will be able to benefit from the rental income.


How long is the Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Process?


Become a Turkish citizen, with the purchase of real estate and the complete filling of the documents, the deed transfer is carried out within 3-4 months at the latest. The exchange rate values of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will be effective during the application period. Your application is processed at the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and you will get Turkish citizenship very quickly.


Each month, approximately 800-1000 people benefit from the Turkish Citizenship investment program.

How much does it cost to get Turkish Citizenship? Turkish citizenship which can be acquired only with a minimum investment of $250,000, is now waiting for its time to be changed in the parliament. It will be advantageous for you to apply while this limit is still at the lowest point. Do not forget, there are several options to Get Turkish Citizenship!


Comparison of Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship


The simplest and fastest to get Turkish Citizenship is real estate investment. As a comparison, we can show figures as evidence. If you are planning international investments, we can show real estate investment as the strongest investment instrument.



Real Estate Investment: $250,000

Government Bonds / Capital / Fund Investment: $500,000

Employing 50 people:  Establishing a company


• Owning a property by only paying 250,000 USD is the most profitable, easiest and fastest way to get Turkish citizenship. Your transactions will be completed within 30-90 days. You get a property, provided that it does not be sold for 3 years. You are a Turkish Citizen now. No other action is needed.

• You can rent the property and make a profit quickly. You will get a high return when you sell the property that is rapidly increasing in value.