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1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway Project Almost Ready!

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1915Canakkale Bridge whose construction was started in 2017 is almost ready! The construction of the bridge that will link Asia and Europe over the Canakkale Strait continues at full speed. The project will be ready on March 18, 2022.

Among the investors of the project are important companies such as DL E&C, Limak Group of Companies, SK Engineering & Construction Company, and Yapi Merkezi.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoglu made important statements about the Canakkale Bridge which is coming to an end.

The toll will be 15 Euros

Regarding the toll of the bridge, the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure said, “According to the current payment plan, a fee of 85 Turkish Liras is charged from the cars. However, when the bridge is ready in the future, the toll will be 15 euros.”

In addition to the 1915Canakkale Bridge, this giant project also includes the construction of 2 approach viaducts, 4 viaducts, 55 bridges and overpasses, 40 underpasses, 238 culverts of various sizes, 12 junctions (including those on the state road), 4 motorway service areas, 2 operation and maintenance centers, 7 toll plazas.

The same distance will take 6 minutes

1915Canakkale Bridge will be a new alternative to the Bosphorus passage. It means that the heavy transit traffic load exposed by Istanbul between Europe and Asian links will be more regulated and easier.

The Minister also said: ‘Assuming the weather is fine, it takes 30 minutes a day, which is pretty long. Our citizens and the people who know this region will understand my point. Thanks to the project, they will pass within 6 minutes after the completion of the 1915Canakkale Bridge”

The distances:

Malkara – Canakkale Motorway: 88 km

Gebze – Orhangazi – Izmir: 406 km

Kinali – Tekirdag – Canakkale – Savastepe: 324 km

Istanbul – Ankara: 405 km

Odakoy – Pasakoy: 95 km

1915Canakkale Bridge will provide several advantages

While providing employment opportunities during the construction and operation stages, when the 1915Canakkale Bridge and Motorway is ready, several benefits and advantages will be waiting for the people.

At first, domestic and international tourism will be better in many aspects.

Secondly, the bridge will operate as a part of the Kinali-Tekirdag-Canakkale-Balikesir Highway when it is ready. So, it will provide a link between the O-3 and O-7 in Silivri and the O-5 in Balikesir.

Thirdly, the industrial, commercial and service sectors in Thrace Region and Western Anatolia will be better thanks to faster and cost-effective transportation.

4,608 meters long in total

The 1915Canakkale Bridge is designed and being constructed as 4,608 meters long in total. It also includes 2,023 meters of mid-span, 770 meters of side spans and 365 and 680 meters of approach viaducts.

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