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    13th International Innovation Award Goes to the Eurasia Tunnel!

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    The Eurasia Tunnel has won an award in the “Service and Solution” category within the scope of the “International Innovation Award”. The Tunnel has won the 13th International Award with its Pacemaker Technology.

    Also, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has made a statement about the award. According to the statement, it is an ‘engineering wonder’ tunnel which is one of the most important transportation routes linking the two sides of Istanbul.

    The International Innovation Awards

    The International Innovation Awards are based on worldwide reviews. Firstly, outstanding and innovative applications that will improve living standards in the world are valuable in this regard.

    Secondly, The International Innovation Awards encourage innovation explorers and organizations to continue investing in innovation. Thirdly, the international awards program, an annual regional recognition program, is part of Enterprise Asia.

    Enterprise Asia announced the winners of the International Innovation Awards. So, The Eurasia Tunnel won the 13th Innovation Award!

    The Tunnel has a great role in decreasing the traffic density in Istanbul. As a result, it is outstanding due to being one of the most prestigious projects in Istanbul.

    Eurasia Tunnel is One of The Most Prestigious Projects!

    Eurasia Tunnel links the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul. Therefore, it is one of the most important projects in the world. The reason is that it provides easy transportation without any traffic issues.

    The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure initiated the project on December 20th, 2016.

    The engineering wonder tunnel is one of the most successful engineering projects in the world. It is an important alternative to bypassing long periods of traffic.

    Flights From UAE to Turkey Will Resume On December 21st!
    After the pandemic crisis, UAE – Turkey flights will resume.
    Flight plans are being made for UAE and Turkey.
    It has been announced that flights will be restarted on December 21st.

    15 Minutes from Two Sides of Istanbul with Eurasia Tunnel!

    Eurasia Tunnel has decreased the long periods spent on the bridges. The Tunnel that is under the Bosphorus has decreased the round trip period between Europe and the Anatolian sides.

    Award-winning Tunnel links the Asian and Anatolian sides of under the Bosphorus. It is one of the most important traffic axes in Istanbul.

    The Tunnel is the solution for the traffic problems of the D-100 and the coastal roads. The project has won the award for its Pacemaker Technology.

    Pacemaker Technology

    Eurasia Tunnel has won the 13th International Award for its Pacemaker Technology.

    Award-Winning Tunnel:

    • Regulate traffic
    • Maintain following distances
    • Minimize the accident risk

    About 60.000 Vehicles Go Through The Eurasia Tunnel!

    The Tunnel is a crazy project that will reduce the traffic density in Istanbul!

    In a day, about 60.000 vehicles go through the award-winning Tunnel. It is unique as the Tunnel links the European and Anatolian sides under the sea!

    An Engineering Marvel in Istanbul!

    The Eurasia Tunnel is one of the most important projects in the world. Because, it has 5.500 fire detectors and automatic detectors which provide high-level security.

    It has drawn attention as an engineering marvel. The Tunnel has more than 100 emergency phones as well as additional security measures for drivers.

    Eurasia Tunnel has superior technological features. For instance, there is a technological infrastructure that can automatically detect and record car accidents.

    The project has been crowned with the “International Innovation Award” presented by Enterprise Asia for the most innovative companies!

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